Phish ‘Undermine’ Podcast Season 1 Finale Includes Interview With Paul Languedoc


Today, JamBase partner Osiris Media released the season finale of Phish podcast Undermine. Undermine’s 10th and last installment of its first season explores the community that built around the band and features an interview with longtime Phish sound engineer and luthier Paul Languedoc.

Phish lyricist Tom Marshall serves as tour guide as a number of the quartet’s early devotees discuss their experiences following Phish in the 1980s. Tape trading played a huge role in the community forming around Phish. Fans recall how this form of “guerrilla marketing” helped fuel Phish’s growth.

Various fans tell stories from the four-piece’s early days including a gig at The Roma in Telluride, Colorado where drummer Jon Fishman was absent for the first two sets of the evening. Phish played a series of “Jazz Odysseys” without Fish, who turned up in time to perform with his mates for their third set.

Undermine wraps with Paul Languedoc explaining how he met Trey Anastasio and started to work for Phish. Languedoc shares the story of the first few guitars he made for Trey including the “Mar Mar,” an instrument built in 1987 that was Anastasio’s main axe through 1996. Paul recalls the band’s first trip to Colorado in 1988 and his decision to work full-time for Phish. He also discusses the other instruments and gear he crafted for the group.

Stream the season finale of Undermine below:

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