Phish’s Trey Anastasio & Page McConnell Perform ‘Theme From The Bottom’ At Burlington Guitar Company

Watch the Phish members duet on the live staple at Circle Strings.

By Scott Bernstein Oct 11, 2021 7:40 am PDT

Phish guitarist Trey Anastasio and keyboardist Page McConnell teamed up to duet on “Theme From The Bottom” this past Friday at Burlington musical instrument store Circle Strings. The pair stopped by the shop to thank the Circle Strings team for making an acoustic guitar Page gave Trey as a birthday gift.

Circle Strings founder and luthier Adam Buchwald documented Anastasio and McConnell’s visit to his shop in a series of Instagram posts. Buchwald revealed Page had contacted him to craft an axe for his longtime bandmate. Trey was so happy with the instrument that he wanted to swing by Circle Strings before leaving town to show his appreciation for their hard work on the guitar.

“Aside from my wedding day and children being born, Friday was one of the best days of my life,” Buchwald shared. “We had the pleasure of having Trey Anastasio and Page McConnell of Phish stop by the shop. Over the past few months we have been secretly making Trey a guitar from Page for a birthday gift. I went into the private stock and picked out the nicest Koa and German Spruce we had. Page gave him the guitar on Friday and Trey loved it so much he came to the shop to meet and play it for us before jetting out of town.

Adam went on to reveal he’s long been a fan of Anastasio and had Trey recreate a photo the two took together when the luthier was 17. “I’d like to thank Page McConnell for the opportunity to make this happen and especially thank my dream team of a crew,” Buchwald added. “We all had a part in this guitar and it feels damn good to share it with you all. I’m so lucky to work with such talented and driven luthiers.”

Trey sat at the shop and played the Billy Breathes classic “Theme From The Bottom” as Page sang harmony. Watch the duet below:

Check out more photos of Trey’s new acoustic guitar:

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