Phish Announces ‘The Baker’s Dozen: Live At Madison Square Garden’ Audio Releases

Between July 21 and August 6, 2017 Phish played 13 shows at Madison Square Garden in New York City during a historic residency dubbed the “Baker’s Dozen.” The quartet performed a total of 237 different songs over the course of the repeat-less run. Phish will release audio from the milestone run remixed by legendary engineer Elliot Scheiner in three different formats as The Baker’s Dozen: Live At Madison Square Garden on November 30.

Each night of the run featured a different theme conveyed by a flavor of donut given out to fans. The band would insert some songs based on the evening’s theme. For instance, the theme of the first show was “Coconut” and Phish opened the concert with a debut cover of Junior Senior’s “Shake Your Coconuts.” The quartet also played “Reba” with its lyric about “coconuts and chloroform” and presented an a capella rendition of Harry Nilsson’s “Coconuts.” Other themes included “Strawberry,” “Jimmies,” “Red Velvet” and “Jam-Filled.”

A 3-CD and 6-LP set features 13 tracks hand-picked by the band, while a 36-CD The Complete Baker’s Dozen Box Set will include every note played by Phish during the residency. The limited edition set will be presented in a fully custom box containing each show individually packaged. Also included will be an 86-page book with photos from the residency as well as an extensive essay collecting new interviews with each member of Phish, Baker’s Dozen setlist journals, an embroidered patch, commemorative tickets, a complete set of eight mini-prints and a 7″x10″ Jim Pollock screen print. The Complete Baker’s Dozen Box Set is currently available for pre-order via Phish Dry Goods and will be limited to one printing.

While The Complete Baker’s Dozen Box Set will only be sold through Dry Goods, the 3-CD and 6-LP sets will be available in limited quantities at retailers.

The Baker’s Dozen: Live At Madison Square Garden 3-CD/6-LP Tracklist

Disc 1

  1. Blaze On – July 29 (Cinnamon)
  2. Roggae – July 22 (Strawberry)
  3. Simple – August 6 (Glazed)
  4. More – July 23 (Red Velvet)

Disc 2

  1. Twist > – July 23 (Red Velvet)
  2. Waves – July 23 (Red Velvet)
  3. Everything’s Right – July 21 (Coconut)
  4. Chalk Dust Torture – July 28 (Double Chocolate)
  5. Miss You – July 23 (Red Velvet)

Disc 3

  1. No Men In No Man’s Land – August 4 (Lemon)
  2. Scents And Subtle Sounds – August 4 (Lemon)
  3. Ghost – August 5 (Boston Cream)
  4. Most Events Aren’t Planned – August 6 (Glazed)