Phil Lesh & Friends Pay Tribute To Grateful Dead 1969

Phil Lesh & Friends continued honoring each year of Grateful Dead at Terrapin Crossroads in San Rafael, California last night as part of a celebration of the Grateful Dead’s 50th anniversary. Friday night’s show saw Phil joined by Scott Law, Stu Allen, Jason Crosby, Cody Dickinson, Alex Koford and Ross James in re-creating a classic 1969 show along with a heady filler.

[Image created by Quinfolk]

The evening started with Phil Lesh sharing a history lesson on 1969 in Grateful Dead history moderated by Craig MacArthur. Lesh and his ensemble then proceeded to run through the same series of songs the Grateful Dead did for their first set on February 22, 1969 at Dream Bowl in Vallejo, California including “Mountains Of The Moon” and “Dark Star” into the “That’s It For The Other One” suite. When the band returned for set two, they reeled off performances of the same tunes from that second set at the Dream Bowl during the “Primal Dead” era. There was still plenty of music left as Lesh & Friends delivered a five-song encore featuring uber Grateful Dead rarities “The Main Ten jam” (the name given to a jam based around an instrumental riff that would later be incorporated into “Playing In The Band”), “Silver Threads and Golden Needles” (a cover the Dead played sporadically between 1966 and 1970), “The Seven” (a variation of “The Eleven” played in 7/8 time) and “Mystery Train” (a Phillips/Parker song favored by Garcia’s solo groups, but only performed once by the Grateful Dead) as well as “High Time” -the beautiful Garcia/Hunter ballad debuted by the Dead in 1969.

Phil Lesh & Friends honor Grateful Dead 1970 tonight. A webcast is available via the venue’s online store.

Setlist (thanks to PhilZone’s Thom2 & Petert23)

Phil Lesh, Scott Law, Stu Allen, Jason Crosby, Cody Dickinson, Alex Koford and Ross James

Set One: Dupree’s Diamond Blues > Mountains of the Moon > Jam > Dark Star > That’s It For The Other One > Death Don’t Have No Mercy

Set Two: Doin’ That Rag > St. Stephen > The Eleven > Turn On Your Love Light > Drums > Turn On Your Lovelight

Encore: The Main Ten jam > Silver Threads and Golden Needles, High Time > The Seven > Mystery Train

Audio (Captured by Quinfolk)