Pearl Jam Fan Trades Dreadlocks For Request In Spokane

An interesting scene took place at Saturday night’s Pearl Jam show in Spokane. Front man Eddie Vedder noticed a fan sporting a sign that said he’d shave his head if the band would play “Brain Of J.” The fan in question had extremely long dreads, piquing Vedder’s interest. Eddie brought the man on stage, who told him he wanted to headbang with the dreads one last time, hence the request for the hard-edged “Brain Of J.”

The man stayed on stage as Pearl Jam performed “Brain Of J,” headbanging the whole time, and lived up to his promise by letting Vedder cut off the dreads while the rest of the band vamped on a blues progression. Check out the wild scene thanks to video shot by Gwen Nagano:

Pearl Jam busted out a number of tunes on Saturday night during their first show in Spokane in more than 20 years, including a number of songs requested by former NFLer Steve Gleason, who wrote the evening’s setlist. Take a look at the setlist from Pearl Jam in Spokane: