Paradise Don’t Wait Edition: Mythic Sunship & Nicklas Sørensen


Mythic Sunship: Upheaval

Typically I have to wait a few weeks into a given year until there are enough rec-worthy albums to make up a column. Not so, 2018. In fact, one label, the RecommNeds’ favorite label, El Paraiso, has already put out two killer you-must-hear records and, lucky you, I’m not going to hold them back one extra day. The first one is Upheaval, from Copenhagenopehnagen doomjammers Mythic Sunship and it is a doozie. Four tracks of heavy-as-shit, boom-pow to your 2018 like you didn’t know you needed. If you dig the deep-psych guitar jams played loud and fast, well, my friends, look no further. Your favorite record of the year may already be waiting to be discovered.

Nicklas Sørensen: Solo 2

Another favorite around these parts, also in the El Paraiso family, is Papir, who put out a tremendous drop-everything-and-go-listen new record this year. Nicklas Sørensen, their lead guitarist, is already back with his second solo record, simply called Solo 2. This one truly feels like a solo side-project, lovely and quirky and heartfelt. From the opening track, there’s a wonderful bossa nova undercurrent, coupled with an ethereal guitar vibe that just screams happy vibes and the rest of the record keeps that attitude going. This is a departure from the mindfuck jams of Papir (or Mythic Sunship for that matter), a meditative, joyous state of mind. I think you’ll dig it.