Papadosio Shares New EP ‘Pattern Integrities’


Jamtronica act Papadosio has issued a new EP entitled Pattern Integrities. Described as “an instrumental examination of the patterns all around us” the new release is available to purchase or stream exclusively on BandCamp or a Back Lounge subscription.

“The album highlights a completely different aspect of our musical approach as a band, instead of Extras in a Movie’s emphasis on themes and meanings, PI focuses on grooves and well, patterns,” said Anthony Thogmartin. “It has a free feel of improvisational music, but doesn’t take its time to get to new sonic places. In our never ending quest for sonic novelty, PI is a little shimmery gem of oddness.”

The lead track “Each And Every Wave” can be streamed below:

Pattern Integrities Tracklist

  1. Each And Every Wave
  2. Oblivion
  3. Threes
  4. Vactrollio
  5. Mr. Turtle’s Cloud Kingdom
  6. Euclidean Lights
  7. Drift
  8. OmniFreeze

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