An essential Twitter account and absolute must-follow for any fan of Widespread Panic is most certainly PanicStream – @PanicStream. Not only does @panicstream regularly tweet and retweet updates regarding WSP, there are also plenty of tweets to keep fans informed with what’s happening with the band members’ side projects and solo work.

The PanicStream webpage itself it a fantastic resource to explore Panic’s live shows offering streams, downloads, setlists and more. The @panicstream account often shares link to the site with timely updates and historical “This Day In History” WSP notes as well as details about tour.

Outside of Widespread Panic-specific updates, @PanicSteam often shares news about band members’ other projects like Jimmy Herring’s Aquarium Rescue Unit, Dave Schools and Duane Trucks’ Hard Working Americans and Todd Nance’s various endeavors.

Other times @PanicStream shares tweets about Widespread Panic that are fun, funny, informative or reflective. If you’re into the band you’ll be into these tweets.

Widespread Panic returns to the road this weekend for a performance at Chicago’s North Coast Music Festival tonight and a pair of shows at Ascend Amphitheater in Nashville on Saturday and Sunday.

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