Livetronica Trio Octave Cat Previews ‘Sprezzatura’ Album With Funky ‘Talk To Me’ Single

Eli Winderman, Jesse Miller and Charlie Patierno will issue an album four years in the making this summer.

By Scott Bernstein May 4, 2023 1:45 pm PDT

Octave Cat will release their third studio album, Sprezzatura, on July 28. The trio consisting of Dopapod keyboardist Eli Winderman, Lotus bassist Jesse Miller and drummer/percussionist Charlie Patierno unveiled the nine-track LP’s lead single, “Talk To Me.”

Sprezzatura follows the livetronica act’s self-titled 2017 debut album and 2019’s Refract. “It was a long journey to create this album,” Miller explained. “We began writing music for this back in 2019, eventually recording enough material for two albums over a couple sessions at different studios in between our commitments to other bands.”

Octave Cat pulled from various styles and genres to write the material featured on their forthcoming record. “Sprezzatura is the idea of doing something difficult in a seemingly effortless manner. I think that is what we aim for with Octave Cat’s music. We use jazz harmonies, swing and other rhythmic ideas in the context of dance music,” added Miller. “Every track should be catchy enough that the melodies get stuck in your ear, but with composition and production elements that form a layered construction.”

New single “Talk To Me” is a prime example of the kind of track Miller described with its deep groove and infectious melody. “I’ll always remember Charlie and I at the airport waiting for a flight and playing notes via his Macbook into the original demo session,” recalled Winderman of the song’s origin. “Over time we shaped the melodies and bass line until we finally found the right combination – a groove that produced uncontrollable stank face.”

Stream Octave Cat’s “Talk To Me” below:

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Sprezzatura Tracklist

  1. Rotoscope
  2. Vader
  3. Orange Incense
  4. The Epicurean
  5. Talk To Me
  6. Martingale
  7. Less Effort
  8. Buy The Dip
  9. Wooden Beads
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