New To Circulation: Missing Version Of Phish ‘Harpua’ From 1992 Emerges

By Scott Bernstein Jul 29, 2016 10:22 am PDT

On April 4, 1992 Phish played their first-ever show at Balch Fieldhouse on the campus of the University Of Colorado in Boulder. They would return for their second and last-ever (to date) concert at the multi-purpose arena the following March. While recordings of nearly every set Phish has performed since 1992 circulate, a tape of the second set from the quartet’s Balch Fieldhouse is one of the few that doesn’t. Out of nowhere, an audience recording of “Harpua” from April 4, 1992 appeared on YouTube this week.

Now, not only doesn’t a recording of the second set circulate in fan circles, but there’s not even an official recording of the set in the band’s archives. Here’s the notes from the page on the show, “This was an all ages show at the 3,800-capacity C.U. Field House. Acoustic Junction opened. There are no tapes in the archives nor any known audience recording of set II. This setlist was compiled from circulating fan sources and Andrew Fischbeck’s notes.”

Thanks to GeoffGeoffYGeoff we can finally hear the 13-minute “Harpua”:

Without spoiling too much, Fish uses a highly unusual instrument and there’s a quick cover of a classic rock staple within. Late in the show the band announced they would play Boulder again the next night and performed at the Fox Theatre on April 5. Here’s hoping the rest of the second set from April 4, 1992 surfaces soon.

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