New Album | moe. To Release No Guts, No Glory

On May 27 moe. will release their new studio album No Guts, No Glory via Sugar Hill Records. The band tapped Dave Aron to produce the 11-track (deluxe CD, digital, and double vinyl editions feature three more songs) release.

[Cover Art by Emek]

moe. set out to make an acoustic-based album, but that plan soon changed. “Sometimes you have to adapt on the fly and just improvise,” said guitarist and vocalist Chuck Garvey in a statement. “We had these songs that were written with an acoustic album in mind. But we ended up making a whole different thing.”

Aron is best known for his work with hip-hop acts such as Snoop Dogg, Tupac and Dr. Dre, but he’s a longtime moe. friend, fan and ally. “He’s rooted in rock. He went to Memphis University, he was into the Grateful Dead…Hip-hop is where he carved his niche, but he’s got an ear for rock,” drummer Vinnie Amico explained. The producer spent a month in the studio with moe., where they worked on a mix of brand new material and previously-unrecorded, road-tested tunes -almost all of which were originally intended for the abandoned acoustic album. “As we were recording,” bassist Rob Derhak explained, “we decided it would be good to have some acoustic instrument on every song. So, while we were plugged in and had full drums, there is also an acoustic element running throughout the album.”

The band was aiming to replicate their live sound in the studio. “We wanted the live-in-the-studio feel,” Chuck Garvey said, “that organic push and pull of time changing and all of us reacting. That’s something that a lot of music right now tends to lose…”

Here’s a look at the tracklist for No Guts, No Glory:

01. Annihilation Blues (Garvey)
02. White Lightning Turpentine (Derhak)
03. This I Know (Schnier)
04. Same Old Story (Derhak)
05. Silver Sun (Schnier)
06. Calyphornya (Derhak)
07. Little Miss Cup Half Empty (Schnier)
08. Blond Hair And Blue Eyes (Derhak)
09. Do or Die (Schnier)
10. The Pines And The Apple Tree (Derhak)
11. Billy Goat (Derhak)