Neil Young Open To CSNY Reunion, Not Expecting To Tour In 2020


Neil Young continues to respond to queries from fans in the Letters To The Editor section of his Neil Young Archives website. Among the recent responses is word Young isn’t planning a big tour in 2020 and that “anything is possible” when it comes to a Crosby Stills Nash & Young reunion.

David Crosby, who has been feuding with his CSNY band mates, addressed the possibility of a reunion in the penultimate installment of Osiris’ Freak Flag Flying podcast. “If Neil (Young) calls me up and says ‘listen, we’ve got to do some gigs … now that Elizabeth Warren is our candidate we’ve got to do some gigs for her in battleground states, what do you think?’ I’d say ‘what time does the bus leave?,’” David noted. “I’d work it out, I don’t care if [Graham] Nash likes me or not. The purpose would exceed all of that.”

“Comes a time when we all have to set aside our differences for the common good. I believe CSNY have a role to play in saving the country we love. Your support of the Democratic candidate for president would help unite us. Save our country,” wrote a NYA subscriber. “For the common good! Anything is possible,” Young responded. Last week, a subscriber asked Neil about his tour plans for 2020. “Don’t expect anything. I am not focused on playing,” Neil responded. “I am taking care of my music.” Note, the legendary artist did write “Crazy Horse will return” and that he hoped to perform in Buffalo as part of other responses. For now, the only gig he has planned is as part of the lineup for May’s Light Up The Blues benefit.


[Hat Tip – Rolling Stone]

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