Neal Francis Performs For ‘Hear Here Presents’

See the keyboardist lead his band through three cuts from his latest album, 'In Plain Sight.'

By Scott Bernstein May 25, 2022 10:29 am PDT

Neal Francis led his band through a three-song session last November shared today by Hear Here Presents. The Chicago-based singer/songwriter/keyboardist focused on material from his 2021 studio album, In Plain Sight.

Francis, guitarist Kellen Boersma, bassist Mike Starr and drummer Collin O’Brien launched the set on November 13, 2021 in Milwaukee with an extended “Alameda Apartments.” The quartet then presented the shimmering “Say Your Prayers” before ending the session with In Plain Sight lead single “Can’t Stop The Rain.”

Watch Neal Francis’ Hear Here Presents sessions, which premiered via Live For Live Music, below:

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