Naugatuck High School Percussion Ensemble Covers “Guyute” By Phish


The Naugatuck High School Percussion Ensemble in Naugatuck, Connecticut performed an impressive rendition of “Divided Sky” by Phish last year and the version won them second place in their class at a competition. Once again, the talented youngsters have worked up an interpretation of a Phish classic and this time they went with “Guyute.”

“Guyute” was first performed by Phish on October 7, 1994 in Lehigh, Pennsylvania and a studio version of the song was included on 1998’s The Story Of The Ghost. Trey Anastasio composed “Guyute” during a trip to Ireland and while it was originally part of a single song with “My Friend, My Friend,” at some point the Phish guitarist separated the two.

In 2001, Anastasio and the Vermont Youth Orchestra unveiled a symphonic version of “Guyute” that included its original partner, “My Friend, My Friend.” Trey has gone on to perform the symphonic “Guyute” at most orchestral shows he’s played since. Live For Live Music first reported on the NHS Percussion Ensemble’s cover of “Guyute” and approximately four minutes of their version was filmed by Banko’s Page.

Watch the students’ cover of “Guyute”:

Check out mk devo’s multi-cam video of NHS’s “Divided Sky”: