Naked Dude Jumps On Stage At Phish Show In Madison In 1998

By Andy Kahn Nov 6, 2019 1:20 pm PST

On this date in 1998 Phish made a Fall Tour stop at the University Of Wisconsin’s Kohl Center that contained a number of notable moments. One wild event resulted in the band forever altering the lyrics to one of their songs when it was played two nights later in Chicago. Here’s an anniversary look back at the intrusion of the “Naked Dude” who crashed the stage 21 years ago.

Phish capped a seven song first set on November 6, 1998 with a standout “Split Open And Melt.” The overbearing presence of security guards during setbreak was met with a “Makisupa Policeman” second set opening selection, Trey Anastasio taking a dig at the authority figures by inserting “university rent-a-cop” as the keyword. Unfortunately during “Prince Caspian” the heavy security force was unable to stop a man from jumping on stage – with no clothes on – and he had to be wrestled off stage by then drum tech Pete Carini. An inspired jam ensued with drummer Jon Fishman shouting in encouragement as the intensity rose.

Two nights later at UIC Pavilion in Chicago, Anastasio made reference to the “naked dude” in the lyrics of “Carini” and forever altered the words to the tribute song. The video below features multi-cam audience footage of the stellar “Simple” and segue (with Fish on vacuum) into “Prince Caspian” (the nude intruder enters at ~17:00):

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Here’s video of the complete second set:

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And here’s footage of the “Split Open And Melt”:

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[Ed. Note: Despite Trey’s fist pump, jumping on stage is not cool. Don’t jump on stage with, or without, clothes on.]

[Originally Published: November 6, 2017]

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