More Rolling Stones Tour Teaser Billboards Posted

Last week, we reported on all the ways The Rolling Stones have hinted at an upcoming announcement of a North American Tour. Since our post, additional billboards touting a Thursday tour announcement have been spotted but there is a discrepancy on whether the announcement will come on Wednesday or Thursday.

While billboards featuring the Stones’ iconic tongue logo, lyrics and mentioning “Thursday” have been spotted in a number of cities including Atlanta, Dallas, Pittsburgh, Detroit and Minneapolis, the band put out an official tweet using the hashtag “#SatisfactionWednesday” just a day after using “#SatisfactionThursday.”

We’ll soon see if it was a typo, if there’s two announcements coming this week or if the band has pushed the announcement up by a day. SongMango reported that billboards have been spotted in Atlanta, Pittsburgh, Buffalo, Orlando, Minneapolis, Columbus, Rochester, Kansas City, Dayton, Dallas and Milwaukee. The website also backed off a previous report, “It is now believed that stops at Red Rocks and the Hollywood Bowl are out” and that Sticky Fingers may only be performed in its entirety at certain tour stops. Meanwhile, reputable fan site IORR has updated its Tour Page of potential performances. Tour promoter AEG’s page to sign up for Stones’ tour updates still mentions “#SatisfactionThursday.”