Molly Sarlé Shares ‘This Close’ Video

By Nate Todd May 9, 2019 11:45 am PDT

Molly Sarlé shared the video for her latest single, “This Close.” Sarlé, who is one-third of the folk trio Mountain Man, previously shared, “Human.” Both songs will appear on Sarlé’s solo debut LP, Karaoke Angel, which arrives this fall via Partisan.

Sarlé stars in the Kitty Disco-directed visual, set on a Southern California beach. The song recounts a story of ethereal love found in a Big Sur, California karaoke bar. Sarlé detailed the song and video in a statement:

I wrote “This Close” about falling in love with someone while I was living in Big Sur -specifically about the ways we look to be loved by one another, the ways we try to satisfy our longing, the ways we tell each other we understand each other, and the ways our desire to be loved can play out in addictive behavior. Living up in those mountains, I felt like spirits were living in the landscape. That’s what I think about when I listen to this song. With the video I wanted to explore what those spirits might look like if they took human form – how they would express themselves, and how they might embody and reflect some of the wisdom that exists in the landscapes that surround us.

Check out the video for “This Close” below:

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