moe. Teams With Pigeons Playing Ping Pong Guitarists At Red Rocks


Veteran jam act moe. returned to Red Rocks on Thursday night for a performance at the historic Morrison, Colorado venue. moe. welcomed two members of opening act Pigeons Playing Ping Pong, who were making their Red Rocks debut, to collaborate on a David Bowie cover to end the evening.

moe. started the first of two seamless sets with “Seat Of My Pants” on Thursday. The five-piece worked the classic into the recently debuted original “Who You Calling Scared?” Next came “Captain America,” which moe. segued into the back end of “Buster.” From there, the five-piece jammed into an instrumental piece they debuted at the Summer Camp Music Festival on May 26. The instrumental has been christened “Pastorus” as per moe.’s Facebook page.

Thursday’s first set rolled on with Al Schnier leading “Silver Sun” ahead of the “Akimbo” > “ATL” > “Puebla” sequence that ended the frame. moe. toyed with fans by starting the second set with “Plane Crash” last night. However, after the first few notes the band dropped into “Buster.” The quintet jammed “Buster” into an outrageous “Four” that spanned nearly 25 minutes, which in turn gave way to “Skrunk” and an adventurous “Prestige Worldwide.” Next up was the end of “Silver Sun” and the “Plane Crash” hinted at earlier.

moe. concluded last night’s second set with a pairing of “Letter Home” and “Wind It Up.” When the band returned for the encore they were joined by Pigeons Playing Ping Pong guitarists Greg Ormont and Jeremy Schon. Ormont and Schon contributed to moe.’s first cover of David Bowie’s “Fame” since February 2, 2017. Chuck Garvey and Greg Ormont shared lead vocals on “Fame.”

Listen to an audience recording of last night’s show taped by Marcus:

Watch pro-shot video of the set-openers thanks to

[Seat Of My Pants]

Home v2

[Plane Crash (tease) > Buster]

Home v2

Setlist (via moe. Facebook)

Set One: Seat Of My Pants > Who You Calling Scared? > Captain America >(nh) Buster > Pastorus# > Silver Sun > Akimbo > ATL > Puebla

Set Two: Plane Crash > Buster > Four > Skrunk > Prestige Worldwide > Siver Sun > Plane Crash >(nh) Letter Home >(nh) Wind It Up

Encore: Fame*##

  • * – w/ Greg Ormont & Jeremy Schon
  • # – official title of segue/jam debuted at Summer Camp 5/26/18
  • ## – Last Time Played – 2/02/17