moe. Teams With Little Feat And Turkuaz & Midnight Ramble Horns At The Peach Music Festival


Rock greats Little Feat collaborated with veteran jam act moe. at The Peach Music Festival at Montage Mountain in Scranton, Pennsylvania on Saturday evening. Members of the two bands were aided by a six-piece horn section featuring members of Turkuaz and the Midnight Ramble Band for portions of a set filled with songs from Little Feat’s famed 1978 live album Waiting For Columbus.

Saturday’s set opened with an a capella rendition of “Join The Band” which is the opening track from Waiting For Columbus. moe.’s Chuck Garvey, Al Schnier and Rob Derhak were joined at center stage by Little Feat’s Bill Payne, Fred Tackett, Paul Barrere and Kenny Gradney for “Join The Band.” Garvey then led both bands on “Fat Man In The Bathtub.” Next, the six-piece horn section emerged for an “All That You Dream” sung by Paul Barrere.


The performance started with the first seven tracks off Waiting For Columbus as sequenced on the live album. Payne led the charge on “Oh Atlanta” and urged the crowd to sing along. Members of moe. would cycle in and out throughout the set with “Old Folks Boogie” featuring all of Little Feat joined by the horns, Schnier, Vinnie Amico and Garvey. Rob Derhak returned to the stage without his bass to help on vocals for a riveting “Time Loves A Hero.” Next came a “Day Or Night” featuring vocals from Payne, Tackett and Barrere.

All five members of moe. teamed with the horns, Bill Payne, Paul Barrere and the Little Feat drum/percussion combo of Gabe Ford and Sam Clayton to present a fiery “Spanish Moon.” Sam Clayton handled vocals on a song moe. had previously performed six times at their own concerts. For “Willin’,” Derhak again went without his bass to focus on singing. Barrere used an acoustic guitar while Tackett switched from his usual electric guitar to mandolin. “Willin'” included a singalong “Don’t Bogart That Joint” within.


“Dixie Chicken” began with the horns taking center stage. Fred Tackett also played trumpet for the start of the title track from Little Feat’s 1973 album. Rob Derhak, once more leaving his bass behind, sang lead on “Dixie Chicken.” Payne took a synth and piano solo during the tune in which he was accompanied by the drummers. Schnier then showed off his chops with a meaty solo of his own. The memorable set concluded with the horns and both bands packing the stage for “Feats Don’t Fail Me Now.”

Check out full show video captured by Stevie Combs below:



Set: Join The Band (A Capella), Fat Man In The Bathtub, All That You Dream, Oh Atlanta, Old Folks Boogie, Time Loves A Hero, Day Or Night, Spanish Moon, Willin’ > Don’t Bogart That Joint > Willin’, Dixie Chicken, Feats Don’t Fail Me Now

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