moe. Revives A Pair Of Rare Covers In Orlando: Full Show Audio


On Thursday night, moe. continued their fall tour at Plaza Live in Orlando. moe. dusted off a pair of rare covers and presented a seamless second set filled with classic material last night.

Bassist Rob Derhak, who yesterday celebrated one year since he was declared cancer free, led the group through “Billy Goat” to open the show. “Billy Goat” bled into “Tailspin” and was followed by Chuck Garvey belting out “All Roads Lead To Home” and fronting moe. on the recently debuted “Who You Calling Scared?” Next, guitarist Al Schnier welcomed Tim Bryant up to the stage. Bryant was a member of Buffalo’s Scary Chicken, a band that Schnier noted took moe. under their wing. Tim sang a cover of Camper Van Beethoven’s “Good Guys And Bad Guys,” which was the first time moe. performed the song since April 10, 2016. A 17+ minute “Prestige Worldwide,” a lengthy “Down Boy” and fan-favorite “Bearsong” brought the frame to a close.

moe. focused exclusively on oldies for their second set in Orlando. The seamless frame started with a “Sensory Deprivation Bank” > “Seat Of My Pants” sequence and continued on with a “Meat” that spanned nearly 30 minutes. A run of “Y.O.Y.” > “McBain” > “Lazarus” ended the set. Schnier started the encore by mentioning the anniversary of Derhak’s cancer-free diagnosis before leading moe. through their first cover of “I Wanna Be Sedated” by The Ramones since June 19, 2014. The five-piece then said farewell with a raucous “Okayalright.” Listen to an audience recording captured by Marcus:


Set One: Billy Goat > Tailspin, All Roads Lead To Home, Who You Calling Scared?, Good Guys And Bad Guys#, Prestige Worldwide >(nh) Down Boy > Bearsong

Set Two: Sensory Deprivation Bank > Seat Of My Pants > meat. > Y.O.Y. > McBain > Lazarus

Encore: I Wanna Be Sedated##, Okayalright

  • # w/ Tim Bryant – Last Time Played – 4/10/16
  • ## Last Time Played – 6/19/14

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