Midnight North Releases New Album ‘Live From Peaches Records’


Midnight North surprised fans by releasing Live From Peaches Records. The nine-track live album was recorded on April 29, 2019 during the band’s lunch time set at New Orleans record store Peaches Records.

The band — consisting of guitarist/vocalist Elliott Peck, guitarist/vocalist Grahame Lesh, bassist Connor O’Sullivan, drummer Nathan Graham and keyboardist/vocalist Alex Jordan — were in the Crescent City while Jazz Fest was held at the Fairgrounds. Midnight North had made their Jazz Fest late night debut the previous night at Gasa Gasa and then just 12 hours after that show started, the group played Peaches Records at noon. While the short time between performances might sound like a recipe for disaster, the quintet delivered a set worthy of release.

Read part of a note from Midnight North announcing the album:

Most of us were on Day 6 when we woke up the morning of Monday, April 29, 2019; deep in the Jazz Fest experience. And most of us probably didn’t want it to be “morning” when we woke up. But we had one more gig to play. We got up early, even by the standards of real life, and set up to play a lunch time set at the famed Peaches Record Store on Magazine Street. Lucky for us, the tapes were rolling and the engineers who organized the performances captured the whole thing.

That set, mixed by those wonderful engineers, Ben & Curry Weber of the Library Creative, is our new live release “Live From Peaches Records”. We can’t be in New Orleans this year, but you can experience a little bit of our time at Jazz Fest 2019.

Included within are nine songs that span Midnight North’s near-decade career. There’s “Long View,” a song which the band would release as a single six months later, and such MN staples as “Miss M,” “Under The Lights,” “Greene Country” and “Roamin’.” Live From Peaches Records is available exclusively via Bandcamp.

Listen to Live From Peaches Records below: