Margo Price Covers Bob Dylan & The Band With Ryan Bingham For ‘YETI Presents: The Midnight Hour’


Margo Price is featured in the second installment of Yeti Presents: The Midnight Hour. Singer-songwriter Ryan Bingham hosts the series and jams with Margo and her band on Bob Dylan’s “Meet Me In The Morning” at the start of the episode and The Band’s “The Shape I’m In” to end the episode.

Yeti Presents: The Midnight Hour finds Bingham discussing music and their respective careers with Jack Johnson in the first episode, Price in the second episode and Terry Allen in the third episode. Margo is on drums for the cover of “Meet Me In The Morning” from Bob Dylan’s Blood On The Tracks album that serves as the introduction of the second installment. The pair then chat in Margo Price’s hometown of Nashville about the unconventional path she followed.


Margo performed her own “The Devil’s In The Details” with her husband, Jeremy Ivey on harmonica and Bingham on guitar. Ryan then explains why he picked Price as the focus of the episode. Margo went on to recall her first meeting with Ivey and how it was love at first sight. The feature continues with Price and Bingham teaming up on the Margo originals “A Little Pain,” “Hands Of Time” and “All American Made” as an audio bed for the pair’s discussion about the music industry.

Price noted how she was too folk and country for the punk scene and too rock and roll for the country scene. Margo told the story behind “Hands Of Time” and the pain of losing a baby. She also talked about the hard times she went through grinding it out over the first decade of her career before meeting Jack White and getting signed to Third Man Records. “It took a while for the city to come around to what we were doing, but you can either roll over and cry about it or you can fight it,” Price said.

The episode continued with Bingham performing his own “Tell My Mother I Miss Her So” and discussing his own struggles at the start of his career. Price, Bingham and Margo’s band cover “The Shape I’m In” to close out the second installment of YETI Presents: The Midnight Hour. Watch the full feature below:


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