Low Cut Connie Details Upcoming Double Album ‘Private Lives’


Low Cut Connie — the project of Philadelphia singer-songwriter Adam Weiner — detailed his upcoming double album, Private Lives, arriving on October 13 via Contender Records/MidCitizen Records. Weiner also recently shared the double LP’s title track.

Private Lives is the follow up to Low Cut Connie’s 2018 album, Dirty Pictures (Part 2), the companion piece to 2017’s Dirty Pictures (Part 1). A statement described Private Lives as, “a beautiful mess, alternating between raucous, full-tilt, rock and roll ecstasy and gritty, stripped-down vulnerability.” Weiner himself also spoke about the new record.

“I’m obsessed with understanding people’s interior lives,” he said. “In order to explore that idea, I had to create a flow that went in and out of these characters’ private spheres. There had to be a push and pull between their external and internal worlds. I knew if I was going to pull that off, I was going to have make a big album.”

Check out the video for “Private Lives” below:

Private Lives Tracklist:

  1. Private Lives
  2. Help Me
  3. Now You Know
  4. Run To Me Darlin
  5. Take a Little Ride Downtown
  6. Wild Ride
  7. If I Die
  8. It Don’t Take A Genius
  9. Look What They Did
  10. Tea Time
  11. The Fuckin You Get (for the Fuckin You Got)
  12. Quiet Time
  13. Charyse
  14. Nobody Else Will Believe You
  15. What Has Happened To Me
  16. Let It All Hang Out Tonite
  17. Stay As Long as You Like
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