Guitarist Tim Palmieri Joins Lotus

Palmieri will play his first show with the band in September.

By Scott Bernstein Jun 25, 2021 11:34 am PDT

One week ago today, Lotus announced the departure of longtime guitarist Mike Rempel. Today, Tim Palmieri — who will replace Rempel — posted a note on his social feeds detailing his excitement to join the group and intention to “do all [of his] other projects.”

Mike Rempel’s final concerts with Lotus after over 20 years with the band will take place at their Summerdance event September 3 – 5 at Nelson Ledges Quarry Park in Garrettsville, Ohio. Tim Palmieri will then augment a lineup that already includes multi-instrumentalist Luke Miller, bassist Jesse Miller, percussionist Chuck Morris and drummer Mike Greenfield.

Palmieri is also a member of Kung Fu and The Breakfast. Additionally, the guitarist — who led a supergroup in contributing a cover of Phish's “Vultures” to JamBase’s Cluster Flies compilation — often plays solo shows.

“I am very happy, excited, and honored to join Lotus and continue the legacy of Mike Rempel,” Tim wrote. “Having worked with them since Psychedelic Breakfast and Kung Fu days, I’ve gotten to know them as people and feel their chemistry personally and musically.”

“Rempel is an amazing guitarist with incredible jamming skills so this role is a challenge on many fronts. Great melodies, big jams, and a couple of months to get it all ingrained,” Palmieri continued. “I ask for the Lotus fan’s positive energy to continue the precedent set by Rempel‘s love for music and the fans.”

Read the full text of Tim Palmieri’s note below:

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