Long May They Run Podcast Profiles Phish In Season 1

By Scott Bernstein Sep 16, 2019 8:36 am PDT

A new podcast/audio documentary entitled Long May They Run will devote its first season to telling the story of Phish. Journalist, author and Relix Editor-In-Chief Dean Budnick wrote and narrated the new podcast, which has been created by, directed by and produced by C13Originals.

The first two installments of Long May They Run’s 10-episode season one will premiere on Wednesday, September 18 via Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Radio.com, among other podcast providers. Over 75 key players and music industry insiders provided new interviews for the series as did members of the band. Former Phish manager John Paluska, famed music promoter Ron Delsener, acclaimed photographer Danny Clinch, Bonnaroo and Superfly co-founders Rick Farman and Kerry Block, Phish tour manager Richard Glasgow and original co-manager Ben “Junta” Hunter are just some of those who participated.

“Our vision was to create and give music fans a franchise set apart from anything that’s been done in podcasting,” explained Cadence13 Chief Content Officer Chris Corcoran. “We believe that Long May They Run accomplishes just that, and will provide an experience that takes Phish fans, and music fans in general, to the next level, and redefine what can be done in this space. Dean is an astute and compelling storyteller and interviewer, and few bands have the musical and cultural impact of Phish, which made them the perfect choice for Season One.”

“I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to share these stories in this format,” added Dean Budnick. “Phish is such an innovative band and many of the group’s pioneering endeavors have been overlooked or nearly lost to history. It’s been a pleasure to work with the team at C13Originals to bring their far-reaching legacy to light.”

The first two episodes will focus on Phish’s festivals including The Clifford Ball and Big Cypress and their impact on Bonnaroo and other events. New installments will follow each Wednesday. Stream a preview of the series and its first season below:

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