Little Days Share ‘Walking In My Sleep’ Single: Exclusive Premiere


Little Days featuring Gov’t Mule bassist Jorgen Carlsson and his wife Mini Diaz will release a new studio album entitled Pop & Tacos on March 19. JamBase is pleased to premiere the record’s latest single, “Walking In My Sleep.”

Carlsson and Diaz formed their musical partnership in Southern California’s San Fernando Valley. The pair issued a couple of independent releases before Jorgen joined Gov’t Mule, but put the project on hiatus for Carlsson to focus on his budding career as a bassist. Mini and Jorgen found time in recent years to get back into the studio to record Pop & Tacos. The name of the album was inspired by the movie Fletch.


“I was doodling around on a nylon string guitar and then I caught myself playing a very popular chordal riff, which became the diving board for the first melody line: ‘There’s something familiar about this,'” Diaz told JamBase about how “Walking In My Sleep” came together. “We had been going back and forth between 4/4 and 6/8 time signatures and when we brought it to Jeff Young he said ‘why don’t you do both?’ — which takes the song into another realm — a little daydream as it were. Coincidently, the both of us were working with Jeff for his record and Jorgen heard a horn section sound he thought would be perfect for ‘Walking In My Sleep.'” In addition to Jeff Young, the pair was helped out on the tune by Bernie Barlow on background vocals.

Other contributors to the album include Toss Panos, Steve Ferrone, Matt Abts, Will Lee, T-Bone Andersson, Jeff Babko, Roger Joseph Manning Jr., Bill Churchville, Doug Woolverton, Aaron Heick, Lenny Castro, Pete Thorn, Mats Jenséus and Steve Luthaker. Jorgen’s Gov’t Mule band mate Warren Haynes also appears on the record. Haynes was supportive of the endeavor as per Jorgen, “Anything from giving constructive advice on our work in progress as we toured to taking time from a day off to recording slide guitar for ‘Ready Or Not’ during a West Coast Gov’t Mule tour back in the fall.”

The LP can be pre-ordered via iTunes starting on March 3. Listen to “Walking In My Sleep” below:

Stay tuned for tour dates.


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