Leftover Salmon Announces New Studio Album ‘Something Higher’

By Scott Bernstein Jan 31, 2018 10:43 am PST

Jamgrass pioneers Leftover Salmon will release their latest studio album, Something Higher, on May 4 via LoS Records. The band tapped longtime collaborator Steve Berlin of Los Lobos to produce the album, which will be available for pre-order here on Friday, February 2.

Leftover Salmon is said to mix “horn-blasting R&B,” “reverb-drenched desert noir” and the “cosmic roots music sound they helped create” to “neo-New Orleans-meets-Appalachia liquefaction” on the LP. The group paired up with Steve Berlin at the famed Wavelab Studio in Tucson, Arizona. Something Higher was recorded on analog to give the album a warmth only analog can provide.

“He’s always looking for that thing in a song or a groove that he hasn’t heard before,” bassist Greg Garrison said of Berlin, “which is tricky because he’s heard a lot of stuff already! He pushes the band to do something different, to surprise him.”

Read more about Something Higher from a statement issued by LoS:

Over 10 days in Tucson, Leftover Salmon laid out the new music, each songwriter bringing a songwriting kernel and letting the rest of the band work out new improvisations to craft the final song. The key to Leftover Salmon’s music, now more than ever, is the way they marry technical precision with easy groove. It’s a trick that old jazz players used to pull, a dance between virtuosity and the illusion of ease. In crafting the new music, founding members Vince Herman and Drew Emmitt provide a foundational focus and guiding spirit, while banjo player Andy Thorn keeps the band close to their original roots in backstage picking parties. The rhythm section–bassist Garrison, keyboardist Erik Deutsch, and drummer Alwyn Robinson– was a key focus point for Berlin, who drew out members’ backgrounds in jazz and hip-hop to zero in on the heart of Leftover Salmon: the groove.

Watch a preview for the new album:

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