Last Chance To Kickstart The Band Photo Book

Legendary rock act The Band are the focus of a fine-art photography book put together by famed photographer Elliott Landy. As for now, the only way to get the book is through a Kickstarter campaign that ends in just five days. Landy sorted through the thousands of photos he took of The Band and picked the best of them for this project.

[“The Band with Hamlet, 1968.” 8×10″ Fine Art Pigment print included in Deluxe Limited Edition book]

Landy met The Band when only Dylan fans had any clue who they were. He quickly developed a close relationship with the members that allowed him unfettered access to the group as they performed at Woodstock, palled around at Big Pink and hung out at Sammy Davis Jr.’s pool house in L.A. This is a chance for Band fans to obtain a book containing a number of photos that have never been seen by anyone besides Elliott prior to its publication.

You may notice that the campaign’s goal of $65,000 has been well exceeded, but there are benefits to participating before the January 28th deadline. Landy laid out these benefits for us…

Elliott Landy: There’s two aspects of benefits. First for the people who contribute: Each pledge at the $75 level or above, receives something that will most likely cost more in the future if they wish to purchase it. And the additional levels include prints which, if they are purchased normally, will cost more than the additional pledge amounts. Even at the first pledge level of $25, people will receive a signed thank you card, with a photo on it. We will design it so it can be framed.

Additionally, this version of the book, this first edition, first printing, will be a really good art edition -as good as I can get it to be. It may not be available after the campaign ends, once the print run is gone.

Another benefit is that we can make it better in general. There won’t be a time constraint in terms of how many images we can scan, how many layouts we can try to determine the best one, how much computer time we can use to perfect the images. And because the response has been so great, there will be additional money left over which I will use to begin expanding the project to an electronic version, consider laying out a second book if there are enough “outs” that we think people would like to see.

ALSO additional contributions will allow me to work on the myriad of other works sitting in my archives waiting to be dressed and presented to the public. The amount of photos, films, and music that I have created from 1967 until now is huge and its time to begin publishing these hidden works. This Band book is the first on a long list. So the more pledges and contributions we get from this campaign, the more I can focus on finishing creative works rather than earning money for our cost of living. It will free me to be me— to focus on the inner being which was inspired to create this work in the first place, not on the outer part which has to take care of the needs of living in a material world.

Elliott has been thrilled by the overwhelming reaction to the campaign as he tells us, “Getting this response tells me I can do more things like this, that finally I have a way to just do the project and not have to struggle to get a company to agree with me that it’s worth doing. And I can do it my own way. The work is not controlled by anyone else. It’s clear that crowdfunding is one of the means which has arisen for me to realize my ’60s’s dream -to do your own thing and live from it.”

The pledge amounts range from $25, which gets you a Thank You Card that includes a photo of The Band, all the way up to $10,000 for a visit to Landy’s studio and much more. In between the $25 and $10,000 are many different levels for all budgets. Head to the Kickstarter page for more details and to pledge towards the project.