Lake Street Dive Details New Album ‘Obviously’ & Shares Single


Lake Street Dive has a new album entitled Obviously on the way. The quintet will release the 11-track LP, which features new single “Nobody’s Stopping You Now,” through Nonesuch Records on March 12.

The follow-up to 2018’s Free Yourself Up was produced by Mike Elizondo, whose production credits include work with Fiona Apple, Carrie Underwood, 21 Pilots and more. “We’ve been a band for so long that we didn’t want to just become a feedback loop of our own ideas,” said bassist Bridget Kearney. “It felt like a really good time to bring another person like Mike [Elizondo], and he really opened us up. He encouraged us to make bolder arrangement choices, take those chances and try those things. The record really is a success in what we set out to do: continue to challenge ourselves, continue to grow, and do things we’ve never done before.”

Lake Street Dive features Kearney, vocalist Rachael Price, multi-instrumentalist Mike “McDuck” Olson, drummer Mike Calabrese and keyboardist Akie Bermiss. Akie began touring with the group in 2017 and was then brought on as a full-time member. “This was the first time we got to collaborate with Akie as a writer,” Kearney added. “He really brought a lot of stuff to the table. It’s pretty remarkable that you can add somebody to a band after fourteen years and have this completely new writer who fits into the grand scheme.”

“Nobody’s Stopping You Now” was penned by Price as a letter of encouragement to her teenaged self with Kearney serving as co-writer. Watch the video for the track below:

Obviously Tracklist

  1. Hypotheticals
  2. Hush Money
  3. Same Old News
  4. Being a Woman
  5. Making Do
  6. Nobody’s Stopping You Now
  7. Know That I Know
  8. Lackluster Lover
  9. Anymore
  10. Feels Like the Last Time
  11. Sarah

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