Winter Jams Edition: Kungens Män, Subtonics & Mythic Sunship


Kungens Män: Trappmusik & Hårt som ben

After a short hiatus, the weekly picks are back for 2020 with plenty of great new music to get into your ears, so I hope you’re ready. I’ll start by giving the people what they want: sick jams! Let’s start with Kungens Män out of Sweden. These guys seem to be hitting a creative peak, putting out two albums in the past couple months, both apparently the product of a single extended studio session. The band was obviously feeling it, with lots of thrilling spontaneity and lots of free-flowing jamrock ideas. Both Trappmusic, out a couple weeks ago, and Hårt som ben out in December, are brimming with some heavy improvisation of the highest order. Check ‘em out.

Spotify Trappmusik & Spotify Hårt som ben

Subtonics: Vinyl

Closer to home, let me hip you to Subtonics. These guys play a weekly gig in Astoria, Queens, making under-the-radar fusion magic every damn Tuesday. The far-reaching improvisational chemistry of their residency has finally been captured in the studio as the band (or one version of the band, at least) has put out their first album. Vinyl is just a taste of what guitarist Costas Baltazanis and company can do, but a very, very good taste. Funky at times, weird and exotic at others, this is high-level jamming for the discerning ear. Enjoy!

Mythic Sunship: Changing Shapes

Finally, we’ll head back over to Europe for another fantastic thrill-ride from our favorite hair-raising label El Paraiso. Their first release of 2020 is a barnburning live recording of Mythic Sunship playing at last year’s Roadburn festival. This one is Black Sabbath meets Ornette Coleman, just heavy-duty, all-hands-on-deck jamming. Put it on now, play it loud and jam your winter to smithereens. Check it out, I think you’ll dig. More to come…