The Final EuroJam Edition: Klabbes Bank, Tonbruket, Skarbø Skulekorps, Black Flower & Black Peaches


Klabbes Bank: BNK

Welcome to the final Weekly RecommNeds of the decade, we’ve been doing these since 2012 and hopefully you discovered a great new band or two along the way. Been plenty of good ones this year. Remember you can listen to them all in this Spotify playlist. I figured we’d end the year the only way we know how, with some killer jams from Europe. I’ll start with Klabbes Bank from Sweden. These guys are one of those bands that are hard to find out about because there’s not much info out there and even less that’s in English … you know, the kind of music we thrive on around here. The music is what counts and Klabbes Bank has a sweet mix of horn-heavy jazz, dance-ready electronica and some improv mixing the two. Much to love here, check it out.

Tonbruket: Masters Of Fog

Sticking in Sweden for a bit, let’s check out Tonbruket. The Swedish quartet has been around for 10 years and have forged a variety of styles and backgrounds into their sixth release, Masters Of Fog. The opening title track is a slowmotion dreamscape of piano and pedal steel, somewhere between ambient jazz and psychedelic horror show. It works. The whole thing does, with plenty of surprises and genre-defying compositions. Dig it.

Skarbø Skulekorps: Skarbø Skulekorps

Every once in a while you encounter a track or a band or an album that so defies description it renews your love for what music can do and the thrill of discovery. That’s the way I felt listening to the self-titled debut from how-you-pronounce-it? Norway band Skarbø Skulekorps. This record is so all over the place, a wild, delightfully-weird ride that’s almost impossible to describe, that to write a word about it is a challenge. I hope you’re intrigued, because this one is accessible and, most importantly, fun, and should be listened to front to back. A couple times through and your head will be spinning in a good way with new things to discover each time through. One of 2019’s best, in my opinion. Seriously, give this one a listen posthaste, worry how to pronounce their name later.


Black Flower: Future Flora

Next stop is in Belgium where we might be lucky to happen upon Black Flower. Seriously, this is right up your alley, dear JamBase reader. A funky, tripped-out jam-ready brew of rhythms and horns and guitar, a self-described “Ethiodubjazz,” with plenty of improvisation and out there delights. Their newest release is Future Flora and it came out back in the spring and I would have been remiss if I hadn’t gotten this one into your ears before year’s-end. Get going with Black Flower and feel super cool when you play it for your friends and they say “what is this?” Enjoy!


Black Peaches: Fire In The Hole

From Belgium to London, from Black Flower to Black Peaches. Seriously, what’s with all the “Black” band names in 2019 (check out Black Midi and Black Pumas as well, if you haven’t already). Maybe everyone’s in a dark mood? Well, if that’s the case with you, definitely put on Fire In The Hole, a unique blend of familiar sounds, from Brazilian exotica to American funk, spiritual jazz to classic rock. Somehow these Peaches make it all work and will put a smile on your face all the while. Highly recommended. And you know what, I think I’ll end it there. Been a great year for new discoveries, thanks for following along. Back in 2020 with more of the same, can’t wait to see what we find together.