King Crimson Studio Albums Coming To Streaming Services


King Crimson‘s full catalog of studio albums is coming soon to streaming services. Manager David Singleton confirmed the news at a press event in London over the weekend as per Rolling Stone.

All 13 King Crimson studio albums spanning 1969’s In The Court Of The Crimson King to 2003’s The Power To Believe will first come to various streaming platforms in May and then will be available through Spotify on June 10. The legendary band are celebrating their 50th anniversary in 2019 and kick off a world tour in Germany the day the albums come to Spotify.

“The reason we’ve been slow on Spotify is that, unlike apparently the whole of the rest of the industry that’s been telling us that physical is dead, we’ve had rising physical sales for probably the last 10 years,” Singleton said at the press event according to Rolling Stone. “But that argument was valid for a while, and it isn’t anymore.” King Crimson aims to bring their music to a new generation through the availability of the catalog on streaming services.

King Crimson has been releasing a series of 50 rare or unusual tracks from the band’s vault each week through the website. Singleton has been providing commentary about each track. The U.S. portion of the group’s 50th anniversary tour starts on September 3 in Los Angeles.

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