Katy Tur Works Phish References Into MSNBC Newscast


Last month MSNBC journalist Katy Tur caught our attention when she swapped Phish references with Politico senior writer Jake Sherman during a newscast. The Phish-loving Tur didn’t wait long to work more Phish references into one of her newscasts.

With today being the “stoner holiday” of 4/20, Tur’s question of the day dealt with whether viewers feel marijuana should be legalized nationally. Katy followed the question by saying, “Maybe even set the gearshift for the high gear of your soul and run like an antelope out of control?” It didn’t take long for Phish Twitter to light up with word of the mention featuring lyrics from the Phish classic “Run Like An Antelope.” Here’s a clip showing what went down:

Later, Tur fit lyrics from “Brian & Robert” into the same newscast:

A third reference included a quote from “Maze”:

Katy did give advance notice of the Phish-y shenanigans:

[YouTube videos captured by Michael Dolan]

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