‘I Love Their Guitar Player’: John Mayer Praises Goose & Guitarist Rick Mitarotonda On SiriusXM Channel

The guitarist professed his admiration on the newly launched Life With John Mayer.

By Andy Kahn Nov 27, 2023 8:17 am PST

John Mayer launched his new SiriusXM channel Life With John Mayer and the Dead & Company guitarist wasted little time praising another fellow guitar player. Mayer’s playlists have featured songs by Goose, who along with their guitarist Rick Mitarotonda, received high praises from Mayer.

After playing “Hungersite” from Goose’s 2022 studio album Dripfield, Mayer shared the below regarding the band:

“That’s Goose. A new discovery for me. A band I just love. Every time I heard it for like, the first four or five times, I’d look at the radio, go, ‘What is this? I love it.’ Same song, John. ‘What is this? I love it.’ Same song, John.

“I have so much to say about this band and especially this song. I love their guitar player. Just love. People ask me a lot. They go, ‘You know, who are you into right now?’ I think Rick from Goose is a monster guitar player because he’s not just a great player, but he’s playing in the vocabulary of the tune. And it’s really hard to get an in-studio recording to have the same fire as a live recording.

“People normally go, ‘Well, the studio recording is relatively placid, you gotta get the live recording, which all the fire is in.’ This is a studio recording that has all the same excitement as a live show. That’s really hard to do. I just love that song.”

Full episodes of Life With John Mayer are available via SiriusXM. Give a listen to Mayer’s Goose praise below (at 1:17:49):


Along with “Hungersite,” Life With John Mayer playlists have also featured the Dripfield track “Borne.” Back in October, Mayer commented on a Goose Instagram post, writing “I’ve gotta see a show soon.” Mayer’s next opportunity to see the band live would be at Goose’s upcoming Goosemas celebration at the Hampton Coliseum in Hampton, Virginia on Friday, December 8 and Saturday, December 9.

Mayer heads to Japan at the end of December for a run of solo shows at the Blue Note in Tokyo. Mayer will perform six shows over three nights, culminating with early and late performances on New Year’s Eve.

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