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Jay Kay Calls It A Day
Jamiroquai Quits Music To Start A Family

Jay Kay – Jamiroquai by David Rowe
Jamiroquai singer Jay Kay has announced that he is quitting music after splitting with his record company.

The frontman has admitted that he is sick of touring and wants to settle down and start a family.

The move comes after he recently parted ways with record label SonyBMG.

“I haven’t been happy there for a while,” Jay said. “I’ve had some ups and downs but in the end the downs were just too many. When we talked about me leaving, I jumped at the chance. I’m bored. I don’t want to go back on the road. We all need a rest to be honest. I don’t need the money or a deal.

“One minute I would be promoting a single with one team and the next they brought different people in and expected me to go along with it. There was no way in hell I was doing that. I’m just tired of the format and wanted to call it a day with them.”

Jamiroquai have sold 27 million albums since they formed in the early 1990s.

They have released seven albums and an eighth LP was due to be released later this year.

“I might be back if I get my inspiration again, but who knows,” he told the Daily Mirror. “All I’m going to do now is fly my helicopter and look for the right lady to have children with.”