Jason Isbell & Amanda Shires Collaborate On New Song ‘The Color Of A Cloudy Day’

 Photos by Wes Frazer (left), Josh Wool (right)


A new song from Jason Isbell and Amanda Shires has been shared by the husband/wife duo. Originally intended for a feature film, a version of “The Color Of A Cloudy Day” was recorded for Amazon Music’s Amazon Acoustics playlist.

Premiered by The Wall Street Journal, Isbell discussed coming up with the lyrics, telling the outlet:

The protagonist isn’t perfect, but doesn’t deserve to be isolated, and feels he’s being treated like a caged animal. I think all couples deal with these feelings on some level at certain points in a relationship, but Amanda and I spend a lot of time apart because of our work, so we can certainly relate.

Shires explained the creation of the song came about organically as Isbell was playing guitar in their home and enlisted her compositional advice. “I came at it thinking about what I hoped the character would say to me in a letter if I were in that situation.” said Shires.

The track was to be used in the film Fear 13 but was never officially released. Isbell told the WSJ the song is likely to remain a standalone track and doesn’t expect to record it for an album.

Listen to “The Color Of A Cloudy Day” here: