Japanese Students Cover Turkuaz


A group of Japanese students performed a Turkuaz tribute on December 1. Video featuring five songs from the impressive performance has been posted to YouTube and can be viewed below.

Members of Kwansei Gakuin University’s Kwansei Gakuin Light Music Club came together for the Turkuaz performance. The students kick off the set found in the video below with “Percy Thrills The Moondog” off Turkuaz’s Digitonium album and then covered “Club Foot” from 2014’s Future 86 ahead of Stereochrome’s “Tiptoe Through The Crypto” and the title track from Future 86. For the finale, the students went with “Monkey Fingers” off Turkuaz’s self-titled 2011 debut.

Turkuaz made their debut in Japan last September with performances in Tokyo and clearly left an impression. While the students didn’t all dress the part as there are more members of their band than Turkuaz, big props to the bassist for dressing just like Taylor Shell.

Watch the set below:



Set: Percy Thrills The Moondog, Club Foot, Tiptoe Through The Crypto, Future 86, Monkey Fingers

[Hat Tip – Adam Schneider]