Jam Friendly Edition Part 1: Dire Wolves, Mythic Sunship & Colour Haze

By Aaron Stein May 17, 2017 10:38 am PDT

Dire Wolves: Excursions To Cloudland

While this is JamBase, some of the weekly recs may not always fit the “jam” bill. This week and next, I’ve got some decidedly jam friendly releases for you that should satisfy your get-out-there itch. First up is Dire Wolves from San Francisco. Their new album is Excursions To Cloudland, a title that certainly invites the sonic traveler to join in on the journey. The record is out on the Beyond Beyond Is Beyond, regulars around here as they rarely disappoint in digging up the exciting and exploratory. These guys are both, stretching four tracks over 40+ minutes, with shimmers of guitar and slow-burn psychedelia.


Mythic Sunship: Land Between Rivers

Speaking of record labels that rarely disappoint, a jamskateer could do a lot worse than just listening to the output from El Paraiso. This week, I’ve got the brand new one from Mythic Sunship, the Copenhagen trippers out with their second album on the label, Land Between Rivers. The follow-up to the excellent, previously rec’d Ouroboros, is even more expansive and jam-laden, if even possible. In just three heavy-duty tracks, they cover more ground than most bands could dream of. And what a dream it is, featuring fuzzed out guitars and mind-scramble rhythms. If you’re going to call your band Mythic Sunship, you better be prepared to go all the way with it, and, oh man, do they!


Colour Haze: In Her Garden

Hailing from Munich, Germany, Colour Haze is a perfect fit for this week’s column. Well known to certain segments of the psych-stoner set in Europe, they are a newer discovery for me. Starting with a bluesy rock base, they waste no time delving into deep guitar jams, long-form, exploratory passages buoyed by intense interplay of bass and drums. Their newest album is In Her Garden, a decade-plus into their jam-filled existence, is full of vitality and creativity. And if you dig this, check out the live album they put out last year, which is, as you might expect, even more adventurous. Enjoy!


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