Jam Cruise 17 Announces Special Sets


The musical adventure at sea known as Jam Cruise embarks on its 17th voyage on January 15, 2019 from Miami and returns on the 21st after stops in Belize City, Cozumel and Progreso (Mexico). Organizers of the sold-out trip confirmed Jam Room, Jazz Lounge and Pickin’ Lounge hosts as well as those playing piano sets and a handful of additional special sets.

Jam Cruise’s Jam Room is a signature feature of the event. The late-night jam sessions take place each evening and are led by a host, which is usually all that is pre-determined about what goes down in the Jam Room. George Porter Jr., Big Sam Williams, Dave Watts, Kelly Finnigan, Isaac Teel and Chris Littlefield have each been tapped to host a night of the Jam Room aboard Jam Cruise 17. Another cool aspect of the trip is the piano sets held in the gorgeous atrium of the Norweigan Jade. Ivan Neville, Melvin Seals, Zach Gill, Rob Marscher and Chris Spies will each perform piano sets during the floating music festival.

Intimate and open-ended jazz and bluegrass jam sessions will be held in the Jazz Lounge and Pickin’ Lounge respectively. Alan Evans, Erica Falls and Erik Deutsch will each host a night of the Jazz Lounge, while Vince Herman and Mimi Naja will lead the first two Pickin’ Lounge evenings in Jam Cruise history. Finally, special sets added to the lineup are a Tribute To The Band, solo sets from Daniel Rodriguez and Lyle Divinsky as well as sets by The Whole Other and Natural Selectah featuring Congo Sanchez. While Jam Cruise 17 is sold out, those looking to attend can add their names to a waiting list.