InstruMoveIt Edition: 1939 Ensemble, Matthew Stubbs & The Antiguas


1939 Ensemble: Beats & Saints

The early part of 2018 has already seen some superlative instrumental music hit my speakers and I’ve got two more groove-rockers for you this week. The first up is Beats & Saints, a six-track EP from Portland, Oregon’s 1939 Ensemble. Two originals mix in with four covers and the fact that they manage to reenvision songs from Bjork, Charles Mingus, Stereolab and The Breeders while managing to sound wholly like anything you’ve ever heard, should tell you a lot about this band. The band – consisting of vibraphone and trumpet with drums and guitar – creates a sound that is both unique and accessible and wholly groovy. So much to dig into, this one is an early favorite for me this year. Maybe for you, too?

Matthew Stubbs & The Antiguas: Matthew Stubbs & The Antiguas

My other selection this week is a good lesson in when someone tells you to listen to something ‘cause they think you’ll enjoy it, man … just listen. The album is the self-titled debut from Matthew Stubbs and the Antiguas, a top-to-bottom delight in instrumental music of all your favorite stripes. There are several flavors of rock in there: garage, surf, psych and plenty of shades of serious boogie (your visions of Booker T are forgiven) and a just enough of a twist of who-knows-what to keep things fresh. Sometimes the best review is to just tell you to go listen because I think you’ll enjoy the heck out of this. So please do. Enjoy!