Holly Bowling Announces ‘Wilderness Sessions’ Virtual Tour

Pianist Holly Bowling will present the Wilderness Sessions virtual tour featuring performances filmed at such gorgeous natural locations as California’s Lake Tahoe, Bruneau Canyon in Idaho and South Dakota’s Badlands. The first leg spans September 3 – October 8 with concerts streamed each Thursday at 8:30 p.m. ET/5:30 p.m. PT via Facebook.

Up first is a performance from Lake Tahoe on September 3, which will be followed with the premieres of shows filmed at California’s Yosemite on September 10, Salt Flats in Utah on September 17 and Bruneau Canyon on September 24. Leg one of the tour concludes on October 1 and 8 with sets filmed at Wyoming’s Beartooth Mountains and South Dakota’s Badlands, respectively. While Holly will stream each performance for free, fans can contribute to Bowling’s Virtual Tip Jar.

Holly shared the following statement on the tour:

When COVID first shut everything down, I started playing and recording a bunch of solo piano sets from my living room. It felt good to play and it held my sanity together, and it was also the only avenue I had to continue working as a performing musician. As grateful as I was (and still am) for that opportunity, after a few months it was starting to feel like too much staring at the same walls in the same empty room. I decided if the only option right now is to play to empty spaces, then I wanted to do that in a giant canyon or on a mountaintop in the middle of nowhere. If people can’t be a part of the equation for the time being, let’s lean into that and take it further – get really far out there away from everyone and play there. It’s one of those things that would never have worked in normal times. But I realized there’s two ways to look at this time – you can look at all of the things we can’t do, everything we’re missing out on, everything we’ve lost… or you can find the things that you can only do now that you wouldn’t be able to do otherwise, and seek those things out and make them happen.

I played a set in Yosemite and I was only able to pull that off because the park was practically empty and had far fewer people in it than any other summer. So there’s that aspect of it. Then there’s the time it’s taken to get to all of these remote places and do this “tour” – it’s completely irrational and inefficient from a touring or logistical perspective, and there would never be time to do it with the usual schedule touring musicians keep. But right now, we’re all kind of in this holding pattern, sitting around waiting. So there’s plenty of time to do something different. And I desperately wanted to get outside – that’s where I’ve been feeling most okay during all of this. So we’re taking this crazy road trip in a self-contained little camper van and driving my gear out to these wild places and setting up and playing in settings I never in a million years thought I’d get to play music in.

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