Hit Me With Music Spotify Playlist


It’s been one week since terrorists attacked concert goers at an Eagles Of Death Metal show held at Le Bataclan in Paris. The tragic events in Paris devastated all of us at JamBase, and our thoughts continue to be with everyone affected by the violence across the French capitol. JamBase has been encouraging people to “go see live music” for years in part because want folks to share in the joy that comes from experiencing a concert with friends and strangers alike. We know music has the power to heal and this week’s Spotify Playlist is intended to do just that.

“One good thing about music: when it hits, you feel no pain. So hit me with music.”

There is much truth in the above lyric taken from Bob Marley’s “Trenchtown Rock” (the track selected to open the playlist below) and the familiar anthems that make up this collection hit with messages of hope, strength, friendship, redemption, love and peace. Some are calls to action, some are respectful laments, while others are simply dreams of a brighter future – but what you’ll find throughout this set of songs is a sense of resilience and solace in the form of music.

Whether streaming a playlist or attending a concert, music provides an outlet to build communities and there is an unmatchable energy that experiencing music – alone with a set of headphones or in a crowd at a show – offers to those who embrace it. These 40 songs have helped us cope over the past few days and thankfully will continue to do so for as long as we can keep pressing play.

The closing of a statement shared by Eagles Of Death Metal this week began in French with “Vive la musique.”

“Long live music” indeed.