Hiss Golden Messenger Announces New Album ‘Quietly Blowing It’ & Shares Single


Hiss Golden Messenger (M.C. Taylor) will release a new studio album, Quietly Blowing It on June 25 through Merge Records. Taylor shared a video for the single, “If It Comes In The Morning.”

Taylor wrote, arranged and produced the 11-tracks on Quietly Blowing It, including the previously shared “Sanctuary.” The follow-up to 2019’s Terms of Surrender features guest appearances by Griffin Goldsmith and Taylor Goldsmith of Dawes, Zach Williams of The Lone Bellow, renowned guitarist Buddy Miller, and producer/musician Josh Kaufman of Bonny Light Horseman.

“[Quietly Blowing It] feels like the most personal album that I’ve made,” Taylor stated, “because I’m not trying to explain anything to anyone except myself.”

The video for “If It Comes In The Morning” was directed by KidEthnic and filmed in Oxford, North Carolina with actor, playwright and activist Mike Wiley. Regarding the single, Taylor stated

“‘If It Comes in the Morning’ was a song that was written in the spring and early summer of 2020. The country was on fire, and I kept thinking to myself, ‘What comes next?’ Initially, I didn’t know how much hope to include in the song—I wasn’t feeling particularly hopeful myself in that moment—but I felt that it was important to remember that whatever happened, most of us were going to be fortunate enough to be given another day in which to enact what I feel are the most important and fundamental parts of being alive: joy, love, peace, the willingness to keep moving forward whether the cards fall in our favor or not. And in remembering, at least, that these feelings exist, I suppose it became a song of hope. The Staple Singers and Curtis Mayfield were very good at writing these kinds of songs, and I suppose I was looking to their music as inspiration for ‘If It Comes in the Morning.’ When I got stumped on a verse, I called my friend Anaïs Mitchell, and she got me straightened out. I’m very thankful for her help.”

Watch the “If It Comes In The Morning” video and check out the Quietly Blowing It tracklist below:

Quietly Blowing It Tracklist

  1. Way Back in the Way Back
  2. The Great Mystifier
  3. Mighty Dollar
  4. Quietly Blowing It
  5. It Will If We Let It
  6. Hardlytown
  7. If It Comes in the Morning
  8. Glory Strums (Loneliness of the Long-Distance Runner)
  9. Painting Houses
  10. Angels in the Headlights
  11. Sanctuary
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