To Rock My Soul Edition: Her Silo, Jennah Barry, Aoife Nessa Frances, Tre Burt & Walter Martin


Her Silo: Don’t Forget the Heart That’s Beating

Nothing beats a great song, especially in these strange and uncertain times. Thankfully, there are loads of amazing songwriters out there, constantly spinning a musical security blanket for us. This week I’ve got great new albums from five sing-sweet-songsters who may not be on your radar (but should be!). First up is Seattle’s Jessica Lambert who put out her debut full-length as Her Silo earlier this year. The album, Don’t Forget The Heart That’s Beating, takes its title from the chorus of the excellent opening track and shakes with tunes of loneliness and anxiety and the occasional small triumphs. Give it a listen.


Jennah Barry: Holiday

Holiday, the new record from Nova Scotian Jennah Barry came out of who-knows-where and knocked me out with Barry’s floral-bouquet voice and smells-so-sweet songs. When I first heard it, I immediately recommended it to my wife to listen to. A couple days later she had something wonderful on the stereo, I asked what it was and she told me it was Holiday, the very same album I had told her about. Oh! Which is to say, this one is good enough that you might get to hear it for the first time more than once. Enjoy!


Aoife Nessa Frances: Land Of No Junction

From coastal Canada across the Atlantic we go, to Dublin, Ireland. It’s there we’ll find Aoife Nessa Frances who not too long ago put out her debut album Land Of No Junction. And what a debut! With a produced-by asssist from Irish guitar wiz Cian Nugent, Frances is spellbinding. Each song brings with it some element of mystery, a sonic twist or enchanting otherness. Highly recommended.


Tre Burt: Caught It From The Rye

Yesterday came the impossibly sad news that songwriting giant John Prine passed away. Time to listen to some of his songs, for sure, but also be thankful for the wave of songwriters following in his massive wake. Prine was a hero to Tre Burt and that no-frills, natural songs and lo-fi delivery shines through on Burt’s excellent new record Caught It From The Rye out this past winter. The Sacramento folk singer sounds every bit ready to take his place among the newest generation of songwriters.


Walter Martin: The World At Night

Finally, we finish up with the The World at Night, the newest from Walter Martin. Well, actually, not the newest, because the Brooklyn songwriter has offered up two early-release new ones “for everyone stuck at home” on his Bandcamp page. Regardless, the former Walkmen member is in fine form on The World At Night, combining his playful, child’s-storytime approach to the world with orchestral flourishes that bring a dreamlike air to it all. The ubiquitous behind-the-scenes master Josh Kaufman produced, which can only mean good things. Martin’s point-of-view, cheerful with a dash of melancholy, is your perfect it’s-all-gonna-be-alright antidote. Please do check it (and the two new ones as well!) out.