Osiris Podcast Profile: Helping Friendly Podcast


Tim Wheaton hosts the Osiris network’s Daddy Unscripted, a podcast about being a dad featuring conversations with guests talking about their own dads, how they approach being a dad and how they manage doing so within their walk of life. Below, Tim profiles fellow Osiris podcast, Helping Friendly Podcast.

“LISTEN … TO … THE … PODCAST!” A big part of me wants to just once hear Trey yell this out. Because, much like his admonition about “the book” that inspired the name of this Phish podcast, I can imagine the cheerful frontman of the band lending the same enthusiasm to this aptly named podcast. Forever one of the cornerstones of the Osiris Media network, the Helping Friendly Podcast is hosted by co-founder of Osiris Media RJ Bee, Jonathan Hart (who also hosts the Brokedown Podcast), Matt Dwyer and Brad TenBrook.

You may think that the word ‘community’ originates from the ancient Mesopotamian word ‘telecommunications.’ But, I’m going to burst your bubble if you believe that and tell you you’re wrong. The word itself originated long ago, but it has always reflected the same basic principle: a group of people joined together by a shared commonality. It won’t take long for the listener to recognize that these guys are a solid part of and a great representation of what the Phish community is, or should be striving to be. The camaraderie and genuine helping friendliness of the hosts make each episode not only easy to listen to but great fun as well. It really (and I know this may be clichè for podcasts with a small group of hosts) does feel like you are sitting around with your good friends and having a chat about something you all genuinely love: Phish.

Mild Disclaimer: I have been a Phish fan since the late-1990s. However, I can’t tell you when a jam drops into the key of Canis Minor or Major, I wouldn’t recall during a major bust out just where or when that song had last been played. I’m just not that guy … my brain doesn’t store information that way. With that said, that doesn’t make the Helping Friendly Podcast difficult for me to follow along with the guys or feel like a six-year old in an advanced trigonometry class. Their enjoyment of the music (which is likely something all listeners have in common) far outweighs them trying to flex on all of us during their episodes.

Even the Quick Hits episodes work really well. How many bands can you access something like that: a review by a fan that has just been to the concert that night or the night before? I’d almost venture to say that just doesn’t exist in this format for any other community — if I’m wrong, have your people call my people … we can do lunch — so, I think we should all feel very fortunate for the steadfastness of this group to bring us the goods in the way that they do.

If you’re a Phish fan and you’re not yet listening to this podcast, check it out. There are so many great episodes to choose from: deep dives into old shows from the hallowed 1.0 timeframe, episodes that span iconic seasons from years past and lots of great interviews with guests. Let this podcast into your life, and you won’t regret it. So, help them help you. Or, in the words of Jerry Maguire: help me help you. Or help me help them to help you. Because we just want to help and we absolutely always want to be friendly.