Help Find Steve Adams Stolen Musical Equipment

As big fans of bassist Steve Adams and his work with both ALO and Nicki Bluhm & The Gramblers we’re saddened to hear that he was a theft victim.

Adams lost four basses of high sentimental value as well as a box of Garbage Pail Kids (that’s gotta hurt) trading cards. Steve explained the situation on his Facebook Page:

I suppose it happens to all of us at some point or another, but I regret to say that my storage space in Alameda was broken into sometime over the last couple months and what was taken was 4 bass guitars and a box of trading cards (go figure).

The basses were 1) my very first bass I got when I was 13, a Japanese short scale, black, brand name Tanara; 2) my third bass, a Fender Jazz Bass Special, 80’s period, all black with matching black headstock and a Hipshot de-tuner on the E tuner; 3) a short scale Fender Musicmaster 1978, cracked black top with tortoise pickguard and a circle cut out on the back and 4) a short scale Kalamzaoo, pink/red finish, gold knobs, sort of a Gibson SG body shape.

Quite a bummer to lose these instruments, good playing guitars and much sentimental value. If you see ’em around by any chance (or anyone hawking series 1-5 Garbage Pail Kids), please don’t hesitate to hit me up.

You can contact Adams through his Facebook Page if you happen to come across his gear.