HeadCount Joins Forces With iCitizen

By Scott Bernstein Mar 26, 2014 11:15 am PDT

Our friends at HeadCount, a non-partisan, non-profit organization with a mission to promote participation in democracy through the power of musicians and their music, have announced a partnership with iCitizen. iCitizen is a smartphone app that makes it easier to to get personally involved in democracy. The two organizations will work together to educate and register voters at at 20 festivals and 500 concerts this summer, including Sweetlife, Summer Camp and Bonnaroo.

Both organizations share the common goal of increasing civic engagement. The iCitizen iOS app (Android coming soon) will enable users to find the best stories about the issues they care about, participate in daily polls that elected representatives will see and find additional info on legislation and elected officials. HeadCount plans to integrate iCitizen into its efforts at summer concerts and festivals. For example, those visiting the HeadCount booth at a live music event can scan a QR code or sign up for info from iCitizen right on the spot. HeadCount and iCitizen will also provide fan experiences that “will range from photo contests to a co-branded event oasis complete with charging stations, comfortable seating, wireless Internet connectivity, amenities and prizes” at many concerts, according to a press release.

“This year marks HeadCount’s 10th Anniversary, and we’ve reached millions of people through our efforts to register voters and promote democratic participation.” said HeadCount Executive Director Andy Bernstein in a press release announcing the partnership. “We see the opportunity to partner with iCitizen as way to extend our efforts even further through the use of technology that can truly make the voices of citizens heard, not only during elections, but also in between election cycles.”

“iCitizen is a non-partisan civic engagement platform with a mission to empower citizens in a manner they’ve never experienced before. We are not about political parties but rather about an individual’s ‘political DNA’ or, in other words, the very personalized issues each citizen cares about, which vary from person to person. Our solution empowers citizens around those issues and provides them with influence over legislative outcomes while rebuilding the system of accountability between elected officials and their constituents in our country. Given the commonality of our missions, we felt that HeadCount represented a unique partner for us to work with in accelerating and extending our common goals and are truly excited to be working with them,” said Duncan Dashiff, Chairman of iCitizen in the press release.

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