Happy 70th Birthday Bob Marley | Three Full Shows

Today marks what would’ve been reggae legend Bob Marley’s 70th birthday had he survived his fight with cancer. Marley brought the sounds of reggae to a worldwide audience in his lifetime and beyond thanks to writing and recording such beloved songs as “One Love,” “Three Little Birds,” “Jamming,” “Exodus” and “No Woman No Cry.” To celebrate, we’ve pulled together three of the best full Bob Marley shows available on YouTube for your viewing pleasure.

Let’s start with Bob Marley & The Wailers’ performance at Santa Barbara Bowl in Santa Barbara, California from November 25, 1979 during the Exodus tour:

1:Positive Vibration, 2:Wake Up And Live, 3:I Shot The Sheriff, 4:Ambush In The Night, 5:Concrete Jungle, 6:Running Away, 7:Crazy Baldhead, 8:Them Belly Full, 9:Heathen, 10:Ride Natty Ride, 11:Africa Unite, 12:One Drop, 13:Exodus, 14:So Much Things To Say, 15:Zimbabwe, 16:Jamming, 17:Is This Love, 18:Kinky Reggae, 19:Stir It Up 20:Get Up Stand Up

Marley and his band played the Oakland Auditorium a few nights later on November 30, 1979. The show was filmed by promoter Bill Graham’s crew and the whole performance surfaced on YouTube thanks to Music Vault:

0:00:00 -Positive Vibration
0:05:33 -Wake Up and Live
0:11:01 -Concrete Jungle
0:16:06 -Them Belly Full (But We Hungry)
0:19:43 -I Shot The Sheriff
0:24:40 -Running Away / Crazy Bald Head
0:33:44 -Ambush In The Night
0:37:09 -The Heathen
0:42:08 -War / No More Trouble
0:48:08 -No Woman, No Cry
0:55:33 -Lively Up Yourself
1:00:48 -Africa Unite
1:05:34 -One Drop
1:09:36 -Exodus
1:15:41 -Is This Love?
1:19:15 -Jammin’
1:24:29 -Ride Natty Ride
1:28:50 -Roots, Rock, Reggae
1:32:49 -Natty Dread
1:36:43 -Get Up, Stand Up

Earlier that year -on July 21, 1979 -Bob Marley & The Wailers performed at Amandla: A Festival Of Unity, a concert held at Harvard Stadium in Cambridge, MA that raised funds to benefit the on-going struggles in Zimbabwe, Namibia and South Africa. Marley’s 100+ minute set is the stuff of legend with Island Records head Chris Blackwell calling it “without a doubt, Marley’s best performance ever captured on film.” The setlist reads like a list of the reggae pioneer’s best songs as “Positive Vibration,” “Them Belly Full,” “War,” “Lively Up Yourself,” “No Woman No Cry,” “Jamming,” “Get Up Stand Up” and “Exodus” were among the tunes played on this night. Bob made a few short speeches during the encore which featured two debuts, “Zimbabwe” and “Wake Up & Live,” that would be featured on Marley’s forthcoming album Survival. The event’s producers had the concert professionally filmed and mixed the resulting footage with soundboard audio before selling it to the Marley Estate. At some point it leaked on YouTube for our viewing pleasure:

Set: [Speech], Positive Vibration, Slave Driver, Them Belly Full, Runnin Away, Crazy Baldhead, The Heathen, War, No More Trouble, Lively Up Yourself, No Woman No Cry, Jammin, Get Up Stand Up, Exodus

Encore: Zimbabwe, Wake Up & Live, Band Intros by Junior Marvin