Happy 19th Anniversary Phish’s ‘Carini’

By Andy Kahn Feb 17, 2016 11:42 am PST

In February 1997 Phish toured Europe, marking their first run of shows that year. From the start of the tour the foursome began incorporating new songs – both originals and covers – into their live repertoire. It was on this date 19 years ago, during Phish’s appearance at Paradiso, in Amsterdam, Netherlands that saw the debut performance of the now classic original “Carini.”

Following the show-opening first rendition of Bob Marley’s “Soul Shakedown Party,” the mid-second set initial take on “Carini” was the second and final bit of new material offered that evening. Likely inspired in part by former drum tech Pete Carini – who’s been brought on stage during the song’s playing a number of times – Phish.net’s song history offers several possible stories behind the narrative of the song credited to all four band members.

After a streaker jumped on stage at the November 6, 1998 Phish show in Madison, Wisconsin, the band began incorporating lyrics referencing the notorious “naked dude.” Over time, the powerfully heavy rocker became a staple of the quartet’s setlists, often serving as a gateway for exploratory second set improvisations. One such example of a jammed-out set two “Carini” is the debut performance from February 17, 1997 which tops 20 minutes, includes a “You Enjoy Myself” tease and can be streamed below:

Phish’s Summer Tour begins June 22 in St. Paul, Minnesota at Xcel Energy Center.

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