Guests Galore For Zappa Plays Zappa In Beverly Hills

On Friday night Dweezil Zappa brought Dweezil Zappa Plays Frank Zappa to the Saban Theater in Beverly Hills for a show that featured plenty of special guests. By the time the performance was finished members of Metallica and Ratt as well as alumni from Frank Zappa and Jeff Beck’s bands had sat-in.

Last night’s show was part of ZPZ’s tour celebrating the 40th anniversary of Frank Zappa’s iconic One Size Fits All album and contained a complete performance of the LP. The evening’s first guests were Frank Zappa band alumnus Vinnie Colaiuta on drums and longtime Jeff Beck bassist Tal Wikenfeld on “Pound For A Brown.” Colaiuta, who recorded with Frank Zappa on a number of classic albums and toured as part of FZ’s band from 1978 – 1980, stuck around for “Outside Now.”

The sit-in action continued throughout a four-song encore. First up was Wikenfeld joining Zappa Plays Zappa on “Zomby Woof.” Then, Ratt guitarist Warren DeMartini lent a hand on “I’m The Slime.” Guitarist James Santiago emerged next to guest on “Cosmik Debris.” The show came to a close when Dweezil welcomed Metallica bassist Robert Trujillo for “Muffin Man.” Zappa Plays Zappa ends the tour tonight in San Juan Capistrano, California.

Videos (via California Rock News)

[Muffin Man w/ Robert Trujillo]

[Pound For A Brown w/ Tal Wilkenfeld & Vinnie Colaiuta]

[Zomby Woof w/ Tal Wilkenfeld]

[I’m The Slime w/ Warren DeMartini]


Zappa Plays Zappa at Saban Theater

  • Montana  
  • Baby Snakes  
  • I'm So Cute  
  • The Grand Wazoo  
  • A Pound for a Brown on the Bus  
  • Outside Now  
One Size Fits All
  • Inca Roads  
  • Can't Afford No Shoes  
  • Sofa  
  • Po-Jama People  
  • Florentine Pogen  
  • Evelyn, a Modified Dog  
  • San Ber'dino  
  • Andy  
  • Sofa No. 2  
  • Dragon Master  
  • Sinister Footwear  
  • Zomby Woof  
  • I'm the Slime  
  • Cosmik Debris  
  • Muffin Man  
Dweezil Zappa Plays Frank Zappa